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(Aditya Agrawal) #1038


What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!) - StartUp Consultant, Marketing Consultant
Where you come from - Mumbai
What you’re working on - StartUp which will/may organize events.
What challenges you have (we can probably help!) - How to go about it?


(Natalie) #1039

Hello Everyone,

I am Natalie, Founder of Event Hosts. After a successful career in professional event hosting, modelling and acting, Having the first-hand experience to call upon when considering the requirements of any potential client, I thought of using my experience in field of event staffing in form of setting up my event staffing agency.

(Belinda Booker) #1040

Hey Aditya, thanks for introducing yourself. What type of events are you considering organising?

(Belinda Booker) #1041

Great, Natalie. What types of staff do you provide and where are you operating?

(Aditya Agrawal) #1042

Hi Belinda. Its for a client… Psychological help events for corporates and students.

(Belinda Booker) #1043

You might find some of these workshop-related resources helpful?

(Natalie) #1044

Hi Belinda, We are currently operational in London & offer Corporate event staffing services here. We have extremely proficient team of Promo Girls, Promotional Models and general Event Staff to make a business event a success.
For More on my teams proficiency, please visit our website

(Belinda Booker) #1045

Nice site. I like that you can provide native language chaperones - great idea.

(Belinda Booker) #1046

Happy Friday and a big welcome to our new members this week. What’s everybody up to? :sunglasses:

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@Clency Sourcing |Digital Sales & Marketing Manager
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@StuT Freelance
@Matt Ellivent|Co-founder
@entertainersww Entertainers Worldwide
@greg_ellivent Ellivent, Inc.|Co-Founder

(Rachel Kerr) #1047

Hi all, I’m Rachel,

What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!) - Head of Events for a NFP Tech membership organisation
Where you come from - Cambridge, UK
What you’re working on - A variety of events, conferences, start-up comps, workshops etc
What challenges you have (we can probably help!) - Any pointers on how to get events CPD accredited would be marvellous :slight_smile:

How to get events CPD accredited?
(Belinda Booker) #1048

Hi Rachel - great question! I’m going to start a thread for you to see if you can get some answers.