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(Aditya Agrawal) #1038


What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!) - StartUp Consultant, Marketing Consultant
Where you come from - Mumbai
What you’re working on - StartUp which will/may organize events.
What challenges you have (we can probably help!) - How to go about it?


(Natalie) #1039

Hello Everyone,

I am Natalie, Founder of Event Hosts. After a successful career in professional event hosting, modelling and acting, Having the first-hand experience to call upon when considering the requirements of any potential client, I thought of using my experience in field of event staffing in form of setting up my event staffing agency.

(Belinda Booker) #1040

Hey Aditya, thanks for introducing yourself. What type of events are you considering organising?

(Belinda Booker) #1041

Great, Natalie. What types of staff do you provide and where are you operating?

(Aditya Agrawal) #1042

Hi Belinda. Its for a client… Psychological help events for corporates and students.

(Belinda Booker) #1043

You might find some of these workshop-related resources helpful?

(Natalie) #1044

Hi Belinda, We are currently operational in London & offer Corporate event staffing services here. We have extremely proficient team of Promo Girls, Promotional Models and general Event Staff to make a business event a success.
For More on my teams proficiency, please visit our website

(Belinda Booker) #1045

Nice site. I like that you can provide native language chaperones - great idea.

(Belinda Booker) #1046

Happy Friday and a big welcome to our new members this week. What’s everybody up to? :sunglasses:

@cvwishart Catherine Wishart|Personal Trainer
@ccagworcester Chestnut Community Action Group|Project Manager
@Ozzborn_Okagu Codemasters|Event Manager
@Kenneth_Leysis Student|Student
@Nas ART for Inner Growth|Event manager
@sankar Freelance
@Faith Events|Event manager
@FatimaKamara Fatima Kamara|Management Consultant
@RKCW Cambridge Wireless|Head of Events
@santoshpanda Explara|Founder
@Clency Sourcing |Digital Sales & Marketing Manager
@eventhostuk Events Hosts|Owner
@CygnusCBD Cygnus CBD|CEO
@Fash4321 Freelancer|Fash market|CEO
@FrankieC Freelancer|Event Manager
@Hakke Freelancer|event manager
@Romain Freelance Film Director
@mcgrac University Hospital Southampton NHS FT|Director of R&D
@feiya_dai Southern Academy College|Trainer
@Tonic-Social Tonic Social|Marketing Assistant
@Migs Discover|Event Manager
@Brunda_Reddy Savyasaachi Events|Event Organiser
@StuT Freelance
@Matt Ellivent|Co-founder
@entertainersww Entertainers Worldwide
@greg_ellivent Ellivent, Inc.|Co-Founder

(Rachel Kerr) #1047

Hi all, I’m Rachel,

What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!) - Head of Events for a NFP Tech membership organisation
Where you come from - Cambridge, UK
What you’re working on - A variety of events, conferences, start-up comps, workshops etc
What challenges you have (we can probably help!) - Any pointers on how to get events CPD accredited would be marvellous :slight_smile:

How to get events CPD accredited?
(Belinda Booker) #1048

Hi Rachel - great question! I’m going to start a thread for you to see if you can get some answers.

(Gordon Lyster) #1049

Hi Nick and everyone else on EventTribe,

A quick note to introduce myself, I am Gordon Lyster a professional event photographer, based near Cambridge but working all over the UK and Europe, I am currently working mostly on conferences and dinners and am looking forward to a 2 day conference/dinner event in Paris next week.

One challenge I have is hotel accommodation. Specifically finding myself sensibly priced hotel accommodation, that is close to the very posh hotels and event venues that I get to shoot in. Often at quite short notice! So far Expedia seems to be the way forward, but any good recommendations for better booking sites would be most welcome.


Finding cheap hotel accommodation near event venues
(Belinda Booker) #1050

Hey Gordon, welcome to the Tribe. I set you up with a thread over here to see if we can get you some recommendations:

(Belinda Booker) #1051

Our new members this week work across a range of event types. Please stop by and tell us more about the projects you’re currently working on :slightly_smiling_face:

@Gill Charity|Freelancer|Sponsorships

@fahadshah fahadshah |Smile Welfare Organization|Speaker
@KelleyShoes WPA Healthcare Practice|Executive Assistant

@Gordon Events And Publishing Ltd|Owner
@Mary_Mc_Swiney CENTURY 21 Canada|Preferred Vendors & Event Coordinator
@RKCW Cambridge Wireless|Head of Events

@Horaczko_Photography Horaczko_Photography|London Photographer

Experiential/Brand Events
@Noordinarynoire No Ordinary Noire|Event manager

@Exzonia1 Teacher assistant

@buuic Burapha University|Education
@lizziejohnsen2107 Northumbria University|Student

@Kmonro7890 International Friends|Group Organizer

(Genevieve Flight) #1052

Do you organise events in Health & Wellness with greater focus on Holistic Plant Medicine…

(Emma O'connor) #1053

Hi I’m Emma… Founder and Managing Director of Happiness Now, A social enterprise supporting children and young people’s mental health.
I held my first event last week (workshop), and am looking at the idea of a wellbeing festival as part of our annual calender.
I came here for some practical information and inspiration.

(Belinda Booker) #1054

Hi Emma, congrats on hosting your first event! Did it go well? Did you learn anything from it? I know we have other members organising wellbeing type events so do start a thread if you’re looking for advice on that front.

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It’s Friday and we have a new batch of members to welcome! Hello to you all… come tell us what you’re up to!

@Divyesh_Bhatt Commerce Pundit|Digital Marketing Technical Leader
@Emma_O_Connor Happiness Now|Founder/ Managing Director
@fedayo_Blessing_Jim Danny’s Finger Foods|Marketer
@Fozzy Aura Conservation Ltd|Manager
@Wichael Freelancer|Photographer

@Anil_Kumar |Freelancer
@Xanadu Freelancer|Project manager
@Natali_Mirra CyberZen|Super product for events!
@Waleed_B.Khalid Oxford Innovation Lab|Lead Organiser

Corporate Events
@AnjelinaJones1 Myrsa|Event Organiser
@Maxpels_Blog Maxpels News Network|Executive Director
@olivialammtarra Freelancer

Experiential/Brand Events
@southcoastentertain the Best Photo Booth in Massachusetts on Rent

@LOOP] LOOP|Founder

Don’t work directly with events
@chelisesealy Administrative Assistant

@darko.bozhinoski InterNations|Consul
@Kim1 The Nucleus Business & Innovation Centre|Centre Manager

@Jeanjacketdesigns Jeanjacketdesigns|Artist/media pr
@Zebyahmed88 Emirates Airlines| Tour Sales Manager

(Shweta Sehjpal) #1057

Hello everyone! I just joined the community. I work for an Event Venue in Downsview Park, Toronto. I’m here to understand the requirements and challenges of the Event Planners and Organizers, while they are looking for a venue and what are generally the deciding factors in shortlisting.