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(Jasmine Fairfull) #1058


I’m Jasmine and I am an Event Planner from Australia!

(Jasmine Fairfull) #1059

Hi @Marie-Claire so nice to see someone in my side of the world.

I’m an Event Planner from Australia also with just over 10yrs experience in the industry, I currently work for the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.

LOVED reading that you founded WomenInEventTech what an incredible initiative. I don’t have any kind of expertise in technology but recently started volunteering in an event related capacity for the VIC ICT for Women mentoring program supporting women in technology.

Never heard of event tribe until randomly stumbling across it online this afternoon, very pleased to e-meet some like minded industry peers.

I look forward to learning and meeting new people like yourself.


(Belinda Booker) #1060

Welcome Shweta, you might be interested to see some research we did with 1,200 event creators in the US and Canada about their needs and challenges:

(Belinda Booker) #1061

Hi Jasmine, great to have someone on board from such a major venue. I look forward to hearing your perspective on our topics :grinning:

(Marie-Claire Andrews) #1062

@jasminee thank you!! lovely to ‘meet’ you too. Are you coming to the GAMES conference in Melbourne at the end of the month? I’m speaking on event tech there and am hoping to have a little womenineventtech pop up meetup while we’re there.

Hopefully we can meet up in the real world!

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It’s that time of the week… time to welcome our new members! Come say hello, join a discussion or start a thread :speech_balloon:

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(Jez) #1065

Good afternoon from England! I’m a magician based in the US and UK but working worldwide. I’ve been a preferred supplier to many venues and celebrities performing at private and corporate events for almost 20 years now. I’m an Associate member of The Inner Magic Circle (with silver star) in London; a member of The Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood and resident Curator of Magic for Ned’s Club, the new private members club at The Ned in London. I’m really interested in working with event professionals to better showcase magic as an art form and elevate it from the staid, tired and predictable that it can often be. I’ve written articles about how magic is to blame for being stuck in 1992 and what we can do to maximise ROI and innovate with magic at events. Connect with me on social @originsofwonder - it’ll be great to hopefully meet some of you in time.

(Belinda Booker) #1066

Hey Jez, welcome, great to have you with us. When can people see you in action at The Ned? Do you have a regular slot?

(Jos) #1067

That’s brilliant!
What type of conferences do you hold,and where do you hold them ?

We work with a few NFP charities they all do events very differently, would be interesting to hear your thoughts and views on events.



(Rachel Kerr) #1068

Hi Jos
The majority of our events are either in Cambridge or London, with the odd one dotted around the UK. The events vary hugely from normal conferences, c400 people to smaller events such as a workshop at Raspberry Pi. All our events are technology related, so might cover AI, IoT, Radio/Health tech etc etc. Here is an example of some of our events
Many thanks :slight_smile:

(Lucy Carter) #1069

Hey folks,

This is Lucy from London. I have just started working in an event management company. I am looking forward to understand challenges of event organizers.

Thank You.

(Belinda Booker) #1070

Welcome Lucy! What type of events are you working on?

(Lucy Carter) #1071

We are working mainly on celebratory events like music shows and business parties.

(Belinda Booker) #1072

Great. If you have any insight or advice you can share on any of the threads please get stuck in :grinning:

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A Happy Easter Monday Welcome to our new members! :rabbit:
We look forward to chatting with you soon. …

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(Stella Drakakis) #1074

Hello everyone!

My name is Stella Drakakis and I’m going to admit to you all that I am just a beginner into the Meeting and Events Industry.
It feels strange that I’m now registered in a community where there are so many wonderful successful people posting on the go!

I am planning on starting up my own Events Management company, I was hoping I could get a few pointers from any one here?

I know it takes a lot of work and dedication, but what company doesn’t, right?

Feels great to be here and look forward to your relplies…

Thank you

(Belinda Booker) #1075

Hi Stella, congrats on entering the events industry! What elements of setting up your new business do you need help and advice with?