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(Belinda Booker) #1078

Welcome to The Tribe newbies! What are you all working on currently? :man_factory_worker:

@AnneF Classes/Workshops/Seminars|RISE|Project Lead/Researcher
@Iryna Conferences|1984|Interpreter, Lecturer
@Bijcodegeel Corporate Events|bij.CODEGEEL|Event Concepter
@tamsingc Corporate Events|Freelance|Events Manager
@Sharaaz Festivals (Music)|All Night Agency|Creative Director
@Kampelj Networking|Cloud Conformity|Cloud Security Evangelist
@AwakeNorth Other|Awaken North|Managing Director
@samanrana95 Other||BDE
@Stella Other|Event|Future Events Manager
@Hello_skalo Show/Exhibition/Convention|Company|Event manager
@Adedeji Student/Education Events|Freelancer|Student
@lichrich Supplier|Lichfield Entertainments|MD
@katiesandys Weddings||Event Manager

(Belinda Booker) #1079

And more new members to welcome! Hello to you all :wave: Please introduce yourself to the group…

@anncha Charity|Freelancer / ACP Events|Event Manager
@Sharmini Classes/Workshops/Seminars|Life Works Life Coaching|Life coach
@sophiawebber Corporate Events|Altitude London|Account Executive
@Tanyi_Melvis Corporate Events|Infinity Blog Awards|Founder, Infinity Blog Awards
@Andy_lockey Festivals (Music)||Special Event Manager
@izzyrhodes Festivals (Music)|Freelancer|Researcher
@Eps Freelancer|Event Designer
@busyroad ROC Aire Consulting Ltd|Chief Analytic Officer
@Umair_Zubairi Altinbas University|Student
@vipulnmehta Venue|The Zarah|Promoter
@Fasihuddin Online Events|Quickstart|Digital Marketing Manager
@JustVenue Just Venue|Head of Marketing

(Robert Pokorny) #1080

Hi all, new member here.

What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!)
I’m a jazz musician who runs a quartet called Blues de Minuit ( We play background music for corporate events, networking evenings & dinner parties.

Where you come from

What you’re working on
Building a solid brand as the go-to quartet when live music shouldn’t overpower conversation :slight_smile:

What challenges you have (we can probably help!)
I prefer to market and sell what we do by myself, rather than through music agencies (although I admit now this would be easier haha). This means learning a lot about the events industry from scratch for me, so it’s a big learning curve understanding budgets etc. for venues/events managers/wedding planners. Hoping to soak up loads of knowledge here and add my experiences as a musician re. live music at events.

(George Rex) #1081

Hi everyone,

My name is Rex. I am not fully into the event business because my venture is basically online.

I am into affiliate marketing of premium event/party domain names among others for inclined businesses requiring ideal and suitable names for their company and/or websites. For example:

Currently, I manage a website where I post and update premium domains for prospective businesses in the events and other industries to buy . The site is called… BusyRoad.

Regardless of not being fully in the event industry, I have always cherished its culture and touch especially how much devotion and creativity is put into making an event one that becomes highly memorable. And for me to be here is a privilege to connect with great minds alike.

Thanks guys for this wonderful platform.


(Belinda Booker) #1082

Welcome Robert. Love the promo video on your homepage. Very cool!

(Belinda Booker) #1083

Welcome Rex. I hope you find it useful here :slightly_smiling_face:

(George Rex) #1084

Thanks Belinda. I hope so too.

(Dewina Consult) #1085


I am representative of the company, Dewina Consult in Malaysia. What we do is basically training, seminar, talk and consultation in Food Safety and Halal.

The challenge that we face are;

  1. No-show for free talk/seminar
  2. Less attendee on paid talk/seminar/courses

Looking forward to learn more with everyone here.

(Belinda Booker) #1086

Hi @DewinaConsult, great to meet you. Are you saying that you don’t sell enough tickets when you charge for them, and when you give them away free, you get a lot of no-shows?

No-shows is a topic we’ve discussed a lot on here. It’s wise to plan for around 50% of people not turning up, therefore you should oversell to account for this. i.e aim to get 100 people registered if you want 50 to attend.

With regards to selling tickets, what marketing/promotion do you do currently? Check out the Promoting Your Event category for some ideas and feel free to start a thread if you want any advice.

(Belinda Booker) #1087

A big EventTribe welcome to our newest members! We’d love to hear from you, so please do take a moment to introduce yourself if you haven’t already. We don’t bite! :japanese_ogre:

@Leilazh312 Charity|Frontline|Events and Fundraising Officer
@DewinaConsult Classes/Workshops/Seminars|Dewina Consult Sdn Bhd|Food Safety & Halal Consultant
@Efrat Classes/Workshops/Seminars|Aztek Technologies|Marketing manager
@neil Classes/Workshops/Seminars|Private|Owner
@petesonpeter Classes/Workshops/Seminars|virgin rose resorts|hotel
@Belia Corporate Events|Eventbrite|Manager/Event
@Vaibhavi_Soni Corporate Events|AddWeb Solution|Business Development
@ajaftha Experiential/Brand Events|Consultant|Consultant
@saltystudio Experiential/Brand Events|Salty Studio|Founder
@caseycampfire Freelancer|c will productions|public relations practitioner
@PractiProject I don’t directly work with events|PractiProject|CEO
@cordell Networking|Small Apartment Investors|Founder
@Rotem_Carmely Networking|Clustered|CEO
@RouteArrows_eu Sports|Event Supplies|Owner

(Leila Hidayat) #1088

Hi everyone

My name is Leila, and I run some of the events for social work charity, Frontline. We are based in London, and we are working to transform the social work profession in England for children and families who rely on it.

As a charity, we have grown over the past couple of years, and so has the number of meetings and events we run, and the audience size. For example next financial year, we are looking to run 19 events. The audience size varies from 20people to 500 people.

I am looking for an invitation and registration solution which we can use for all of our events across the organisation. Ideally, I would like for this to integrate and automatically update our Salesforce system. I would also like for attendees to be directed to our website to sign up for events.

Does anyone know whether Eventbrite has this option? I have also had a look at Brown Paper Tickets, and Ticket Tailor as an option. Any advice would be helpful.

(I forgot to mention that all events we host at the moment are free of charge to those who are invited to attend).

Best wishes

(Belinda Booker) #1089

Hi Leila, sounds like you must be busy! Eventbrite does have an app for Salesforce integration:

You can also embed checkout into your own website:

It is also free to use for free events, so could be a good option for you?

(Asen_Petrov) #1090

Hello my name is Asen business development expert, I work with Bulgarian and international companies on the free e-business market. Good business offers are always around us, we just have to make the right choice so I’m glad I’m part of the tribe!

(Gareth Batten) #1091


I’ve just started in the event industry as of February, working for a broadcast and live video production company called OFilms. My background is in Project Management so there’s a fair bit of overlap having come from the IT sphere and also lots to learn!

I’m currently working on planning the video production for a sports awards ceremony in a few weeks’ time.

Glad to be here - as someone who works from home it’s great to find an online community like this!

(Belinda Booker) #1092

Welcome Gareth! Sounds like an interesting role, even if you are mostly home-based. Do you go on site on event day?