Looking for suggestions for promotional gifts

(micheal kohler) #1

Me again, I’m asking for lots of help this week!

I have an awards ceremony that we as a company are sponsoring. My team has been tasked with finding promotional gifts. We are the only company doing this so we need something nice.

The age old problem with promotional products is the fine line between something people would want and will use and something that is just tacky and would get thrown away.

Has anyone had any good ideas for promotional products at their events?

Thanks in advance!

(Dewi) #2

Best promotional product I received was a cardboard mobile phone stand which I still use.

(Sachin Bhalla) #3

Maybe a stylish box/tin of loose tea (or coffee)? They will almost certainly consume whatever’s inside, and the box can be used afterwards to keep notes, pens, paperclips, etc.