Notting Hill Popup opportunity - sponsors needed

(Sara Jones) #1

I’m holding a popup in Westbourne Grove and as is often the way, a sponsor has had to withdraw due to logistical reasons.

Does anyone know of any businesses who want access to a beautiful venue right by Paul Smith and All Saints, which will attract the same kind of customers, with VIP shopping evenings?

It’s a really great popup, it’s going to be rammed, we just need one more sponsor!

(Ella Maximenkova) #2

Hi Sara, what sort of sponsor are you looking for?
If it helps we are based in Westbourne Park, so very close by.

(Sara Jones) #3

Heya, we’ve got availability for all sorts of sponsors, everything from drink to food to apps to nurseries. We have a beautiful store for two weeks, luxury brands, loads of marketing, we just need another partner or two to make it even better.

What is your business?

(Ella Maximenkova) #4

We are a music & DJ supplier for events. Do you need a live music? We would happy to help out in any way we can, if you’re interested.

(Sara Jones) #5

Ooo that could be interesting. Can we have a phone call? 07808128203.

(Ella Maximenkova) #6

Sure thing, just left you a message

(Lucy) #7

Hi Sara,

Our audience is mainly women 25-35 in London, we run some fitness events in small pop-up spaces for as little as 5-15 people.

Is this a good fit? What is the duration of your pop-up or what is the date of the event?


(Sara Jones) #8

Hi Lucy, thanks for your comment. It could potentially be a good fit. Would you say your customers and clients are interested in ethical and sustainable fashion? What’s your email?