On the day delegate check-in

(Ian Hammersley) #1

Hi. I am researching (with a view to actually organising) small events. One of the things I’m finding hard to get any info on, is how many desks/kiosks and check-in staff i would need. Is there a ration of kiosks to delegates? Any advise on the whole smooth check-in routine would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(Belinda Booker) #2

Hi Ian,
If you use Eventbrite for your registration and ticketing, your attendees with receive digital tickets with barcodes on them. To check in the attendees you can download the Eventbrite Organiser app, which had a ticket scanning facility. You can download this to as many separate devices as you want and use it simultaneously (it can be used on phones and tablets).
The rule of thumb is one scanner per 50 attendees. Hope that helps!

(Allison Pinney Collis) #3

I echo Belinda! I work to a ration of 1:50 or at the very worst 1:100 (but thats a resource push!)