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(Allison Pinney Collis) #1

Hi All

I’ve recently run a conference for 600+ where we introduced some new formats from open & closed fishbowls to silent disco lightning talks.

Keen to hear of any other ‘new’ creative formats!

Event Tech Live 2017
(Dewi) #2

How about 2 or more speakers in a room speaking at the same time. People can wear silent disco headphones to listen to the speaker of their choice.

(Nick Lawson) #3

Fun concept! although would be disconcerting as a speaker maybe not knowing who was actually listening to you…

(Dewi) #4

1 in each side of the room.

(Belinda Booker) #5

Interesting idea. Is it not a little off putting for the speakers to be speaking over one another? I guess it needs to be a big room?

(Belinda Booker) #6

I like this idea of posing questions to speakers in a quiz style, as seen at SXSW

(Belinda Booker) #7

Just read about this format being run at PCMA Convening Leaders in Jan:
‘Braindates’ also returns in 2018. These one-on-one or small group learning experiences enable delegates to share knowledge with each other. They will be able to make offers and requests for knowledge on topics of interest.

(Allison Pinney Collis) #8

Hi Dewi,

I did this recently with lightning talks delivered via silent disco - four speakers simultaneously :slight_smile:


(Allison Pinney Collis) #9

Hi Nick,

We found the speakers felt a stronger engagement with the audience. It focused the speakers who were more aware of delegates response through body language which gained an intimate connection. From a delegate perspective, they enjoyed bite-size pieces of information which open up collaboration opportunities


(Dewi) #10

Did the speakers find it difficult when they spoke at the same time?

(Allison Pinney Collis) #11

Some did, others didn’t.

Lessons learnt

  1. The room space is critical for multiple presentations. A room which is too cavernous can heighten noise interference etc
  2. The speakers ideally need to wear headsets too - but sound blockers rather than the same set of the delegates.
  3. Embrace the full silent disco experience, ie no clapping etc. We encouraged ‘silent clapping’!

(Belinda Booker) #12

Ha ha, I’d love to see some video footage. I love the idea that if you get bored you can just tune into another speaker and they’ll be none the wiser!

(Belinda Booker) #13

This thread inspired me to do a bit of research into different session formats - I found 20 of them. Can you add any more to the list??

(Joe Atkinson) #14

I recently interviewed a colleague who draws on ideas from the Art of Hosting a lot in his work. Some really interesting ideas. Video & transcript here: