Outdoor Event Mapping Software

(David Leigh-Pemberton) #1


Does anybody have any tips or recommendations for outdoor event mapping/site planning software? I’m looking for a tool to create a site plan for an event which is accurate and to scale but clean enough to publish in an event guide etc.



(Nick Lawson) #2

Hi David possibly some of the suggestions in this thread might help:

What’s the event?

(Ben Lobenstein) #3

I switched from a rather archaic homebrewed solution to using Google MyMap Layers this year, and then published them out as part of a web based digital event guide, which worked out very well.

(Keir DuBois) #4

Hi David, I’m probably way late to the party here, in terms of being useful for your original event, but do you think a tool like Mapstack by Stamen might work for future events? It does have its limitations, but it’s free free free.

(Christopher Roberts) #5

Hi David, super late to the party here, but outdoor event mapping is where we started in our work with Golf Tournaments. It’s just one feature of EventOPS. As of now we’ve built a great piece of software that also does team, project, and budget management as well.

Here’s a super simple example of a map someone drew during training last week:

Happy to show you how it works (chris@eventopssoftware.com) if you’re still looking for a new way to do it.

(Joe Atkinson) #6

Sorry, I’m even more late to the party!

Here’s a to-scale map/3D model that I made for an outdoor event using the free version of Sketchup. It took me a couple of days to trace the boundaries of the site, structures etc off Google Earth data (which you can import directly into the Sketchup model), build the model and then plan the fly-through (which starts at 03:59): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b186I5LRIzQ

This video totally needed more editing and narrating by someone with a less soporific voice, but never mind, you can get the idea from it :slight_smile:

Of course, it doesn’t have the other features of a system like EventOPS though.

(Belinda Booker) #7

The fly through is awesome. What a useful thing to have for the operations team. Sounds quite labour intensive though (and quite techie?)

(Joe Atkinson) #8


Yes, I suppose it’s quite time consuming and you need to understand Sketchup. But it’s quite an enjoyable process. Especially if you’re a bit geeky like me :slight_smile: