PR stunts to promote your event


(Dewi) #1

Can you think of a good PR stunt used to promote an event?

My favourite is the ball in the wall to promote the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

(Richard Millington) #2

Back in my earliest days working for a PR agency, we once had people dress up from the theme of the event and walk around the town - just go into bars etc…

It helped that it was a medieval themed event.

The big win for us was when local news picked it up (someone wrote in and asked what all these medieval folk were doing in the town :slight_smile: ) and ran it on the second page.

(Belinda Booker) #3

That’s brilliant. It reminds me of a stunt done to promote a ballet event where the dancers appeared in locations around the city; serving drinks at an Irish pub, pouring espresso at a cafe and doing the splits while having a pint at a bar.

(Melissa Saunders) #4

Good post @DewiEirig When I worked on Star Wars Celebration Europe we took Darth Vader, some stormtroopers and R2D2 to London City Airport and had them checking in, collecting their luggage from the carousel and disembarking from a plane as though they’d just flown in for the event. It created quite a stir. One of my most fund days in the job. Important note though: stormtroopers can’t do steps!!

(Aman Brar) #5

The ball in the wall is one of the best ones i’ve seen. I checked out the creators website and he’s done a huge number of good ones!

One of the best natural stunts I’ve seen are the costumes people wear for things like Secret Cinema. It’s an instant conversation starter and creates so many viral word of mouth opportunities for marketing!

(Belinda Booker) #6

Sounds brilliant!

(Belinda Booker) #7

Don’t forget the power of a good old flash mob. Check out this one done in Piccadilly Circus to promote a free Beyonce concert.

(Melissa Saunders) #8

Love a flash mob!

(Allison Pinney Collis) #9

That ball is currently in two halfs in a big blue building down in the bay!