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Great selection of tools, Carsten. If I can include any in upcoming blogs, I’ll let you know.

Hi there,

We are Tonic Social, Bournemouth best Gin Bar located just below the Hilton Hotel.

Are you struggling to find a venue to match your event image - with plenty of car parking, chic aesthetics, fully stocked bar, storage space, kitchen AND a beautiful outside seating area? We have it all.

Located 1-minute walk from Bournemouth Square, with plenty of accomdation with the Hilton next door, we are suitable for corporate events and informal socials.

So that’s us, tell us about you and how we can help.

Pre-book your spot today:
:telephone_receiver: 01202 311304
:e-mail: /

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WhaleShark offers the most intensive, interactive due diligence workshops to get you investment ready.

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I’m Robert, Head of Marketing at Just Venue. We are an online venue booking platform that bring guests and hosts together to make it easier to find, compare & book venues and event spaces online…Some say the Airbnb of the event’s industry.

We aren’t another old fashioned directory who just take your enquiry and pass it over to the host and play game of keeping everything anonymous. Our platform lets guests and hosts deal directly with one another meaning there is no middle man, no booking fees and no trawling through dozens of sites and google searches for the perfect venue. Just a fun, easy to use, site with a great community.

If you need any help finding a venue for any occasion in any location, don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out yourself.

Stay Awesome

Robert Henderson
Head of Marketing

Hello everyone,

I work at PapaChina. We are one of the largest wholesale supplier in the world and specializes in supply of promotional merchandise for events and trade shows.

We have a very vast collection of useful and trendy products. You also have the option to customize your product according to your requirement. All these services are provided at very wholesale prices.

Thank You.

Hello, EventTribers. I am new and would like to introduce my startup quickly. is building virtual assistants for B2B event managers.

Hanana takes care of mundane tasks for event managers so that they can manage events with ease. She can automate tasks like creating team briefing, scheduling team meeting with prospects, and printing, etc. All these without many details being spelled out.

It is in private beta. I would love to hear your feedback.

Wei Liu
Founder of