Proper etiquette to asking a photographer to use their photos

(Amanda Chase) #1

I take my own photos from weddings I have setup and coordinated but would love to have some professional photos of the weddings I have done. What is the best way to go about asking a photographer to use their photos on my website? Other than credited them through my website and blogs what other incentives can I offer to use their photos?! Thanks!

(Belinda Booker) #2

Hi Amanda, you can offer to recommend them to your clients. My best friend is a wedding photographer and would be delighted to let wedding co-ordinators use her photography in return for referrals. Maybe ask the photographer for a stack of brochures or business cards that you can have available in your office to give to anyone interested?

@bogdan @marcusjamiesonpond @Marie_Wheeler do you have any thoughts on this?

(Sachin Bhalla) #3

Referrals, as Belinda said, would work wonders. Maybe a link on your website/blogs to their portfolio?

Also, there’s always cash :wink: