Q Networking Dinner How do you make them memorable? How do you make people to bond at a table? games?


(Monika Krol) #1

Hi there,

I am wondering what else you do apart from having a really good MC and entertainment to make guests enjoy a networking dinner. Can you recommend any good games people enjoy, a quiz? anything that brings people together and makes for a good conversation starter the next day.

(Belinda Booker) #2

Hi Monika, it can be a good idea to help lead the conversation by having topics of discussion. You could have a number of philosophical questions in a box on each table and ask people to pick one out and discuss it i.e. “People say that money cannot buy happiness, but can you ever be truly happy without any money?” But I think it’s important to keep it fairly lighthearted and away from divisive or sensitive topics such a religion!

Another game is “for it or against it”, where people must take a stance on anything from onesies to cushions. The more neutral the topic, the more fun the discussion can be, as people must give a definitive ‘for’ or ‘against’ and give their reason. Games like these can break the ice and really help people get to know one another in a short time.