RECOMMENDATIONS: Intimate Venue for Seminar


(Tope Chiedozie) #1

Good afternoon Event Tribe
I’m currently looking for recommendations for an intimate seminar event with the following requirements:

Capacity: Max 50
Location: Central location (Shoreditch/ Angel/Liverpool St) or just easy access to TFL
Equipped with: Sound / Seating / Lighting

Any help will be appreciated!:slight_smile:


(Melissa Saunders) #2

Hi Tope
I stumbled across Hanbury Hall in Spitalfields last year when visiting Event Tech Live: Really liked it and the staff were lovely. It’s five minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. Also near there you may find something suitable at Bishopsgate Institute.

The Library in Covent Garden is also great if you’re after something a bit different.

Hope that helps!

(Tope Chiedozie) #3

Thanks do you have to be part of the membership to use The Library?

(Belinda Booker) #4

Check out etc. venues. This one is ideally located:

(Melissa Saunders) #5

No I don’t think so. They do a day pass anyway but I think that’s included in the venue hire. Definitely worth checking out.