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(Nick Lawson) #1

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What do admins think of regionalising the platform

Hi Phil

This is actually something that’s on our radar atm. Categories for ‘geo-relevant’ discussion would work as long as there’s the demand for it. Users would be able to opt to ‘watch’ certain categories that are relevant to their local area and will then get notified when there’s a new post in their local category. So when someone posts searching for a venue in Birmingham for example, everyone watching the Birmingham category would get notified. This of course relies on people opting to ‘watch’ certain categories - we’d could probably look to introduce this into the new user onboarding process so everyone knows about the feature.

Let me know what you think.


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(Melissa Saunders) #2

Sounds like a plan @nick_lawson! It would also be really helpful for those of us who sometimes work on our events outside our own area. In the past twelve months I’ve worked on events in Birmingham, Windsor, the Lake District and Cheshire but live in Kent. Tapping into some local events knowledge would be fantastic!

(Phil Vintin) #3

That is pretty much what I was thinking. I’m quite well up on Sheffield and trarely go outside the patch but if someone needed help here I’d be more than happy to assist. I do do something similar on my @HelpSheffield Twitter account currently, so if anyone needs Sheffield help please feel free to get in touch on there.

Another thing I was wondering, how come this platform appears to be by invite only? Are you testing before rolling it out to all?

(Richard Heathcote) #4

That would be a really helpful addition @nick_lawson - definitely would welcome that!
Being in Birmingham myself (thanks for the mention of my hometown :grin:) it would be great to have either a B’ham/West Midlands centric area of the site, as especially for our events, we attract people from all over the Midlands; so being able to connect with useful people from all over the Midlands would be fantastic.

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(Melissa Saunders) #5

Yes definitely West Midlands and South East for me please. Will be great to dip into other areas depending on what projects come up in the future.

(Jason McGuire) #6

I’d be interested in a Midlands one. I am based 100 miles away from where I hold my yearly event. One of our fellow directors is local to the festival so that does help but his role is stage based not promotion and branding so know people in the Midlands (although I am from Birmingham originally) that work in events would be very useful to me.

(Melissa Saunders) #7

I know the feeling @Jay I’m based in Kent but my next event is at the NEC.

(Paul Connolly) #8

I’m in Northampton, would there be a region set up already covering this area?

(Nick Lawson) #9

@paulconnolly @Voicey would a “Midlands” category be too broad? Better to have East and West? What would you prefer?

(Paul Connolly) #10

Yes, that’s eminently sensible. Although we’re so central I can never remember whether Northampton is in the East Midlands or the West Midlands!

I’ll get there…

Eventually :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #11

So is that a vote to split East/West?

(Richard Heathcote) #12

Generally I’d say there is a case for splitting it into WM and EM, as although East Midlands sounds near to the West Midlands, in reality it’s quite a way away slightly north(!), so yeah I’d say a split would be preferable if possible.

(Richard Heathcote) #13

Not that I have anything against the East Midlands! :grinning:
But yes to get to anywhere in the EM from where I am in the heart of the West Mids, it’d be a good hour’s drive, so targeting a bit more locally would be great.

(Nick Lawson) #14


Let me know your feedback! Just a first iteration really, something we can evolve as this platform grows.

(Richard Heathcote) #15

Superb! Many thanks @nick_lawson

(Paul Connolly) #16

Hey that looks great, I could do an East Midlands one