Social Media AMA (Ask Me Anything)


(matt paul) #22

On a social media platform, I got a site which recommends getting their issues solved regarding any issues with their iPhones. Has anybody took service from them ???

(Kal Strong) #23

Whats the best cost effective option to advertise on social media and what platform? This would be for a ticketed live event show.

(Belinda Booker) #24

Hi Kal
Is it a B2B show or a consumer show? If it’s the latter, I’d go for Facebook. You can target very precisely to keep costs down. Check out this guide:

(Dewi) #25

Facebook is the most effective because you target the people that you want to see attend your event.

If you’ve got a website or using Eventbrite, Facebook Pixel is a must

Facebook Pixel through conversions in Facebook Ads helps you to target people that are most likely to buy tickets.