Someone needs a place to organise an event (2000+ people) with all setup and support

(Ivan) #1

Hi guys, need a little help here.
Where I can find some list of organisations or people that are searching for a place to organise an event for 2000+ people?
Is there any site?

(Belinda Booker) #2

Hi Ivan, do you mean you want to find people looking for big venues? Or are you looking for a venue yourself? What country are you operating in?

(Ivan) #3

Hi Belinda,
Thanks for your response.
I want to find people looking for a place for their big venues. We operate a really popular beach in Croatia that has been a festival beach for more that 20 years.
Actually, trying to reach some travel agencies or companies that may be interested in our beach for big venues.

(Belinda Booker) #4

In that case, I recommend you contact all the destination management companies (DMCs) in Croatia, such as:

These companies will be the first port of call for overseas event organisers looking to bring events to Croatia. Good luck!

(Ivan) #5

Thank you.
Really kind of you.
If anyone has any other information, be free to contact me by pm on