The best time to approach sponsors

(Agnieszka Lokaj) #1

I am looking into approaching potential sponsors for a number of events for women in London.

I was previously told that the companies agree for the budget in November and distribute the money in the beginning of the following year. But I am not sure if it is a common practice.

I would like to hear your opinions and experience.

Thank you

(Louisa Douglas) #2

I find with sponsorship of our events every company works with different financial years, some Jan - December, some April - March and one event July - June!

Sadly, for most their budgets are decided in the closing months of the previous financial year. Depending on the size of the company, I find signing off smaller amounts (>£2,000) any time of year is fine, but over this, you do need to catch them at the right time. Best thing to do is keep talking to them, and if they turn you down find out if it is a timing thing, so you know when to approach them again

(Agnieszka Lokaj) #3

This is helpful. I was worrying that I am missing out a lot.

Thank you