TIPS for post event strategies


(Tope Chiedozie) #1

Hi there
I’m always aware of how important it is to engage my audience in the run up to an event, but does anyone have any strategies on how to keep that momentum going after the event is finished and gone?

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(Melissa Saunders) #2

Great post. In my experience, the post event strategy often starts to be considered in the last few hours of the event or when the doors have closed but we perhaps should be giving it consideration sooner. What do others think?

(Tope Chiedozie) #3

At The Sitdown we’ve started using TYPE FORM to immediately gather feedback on the spot,so we’ve weaved it into the actual event. Just wondering how to continue that dialogue until the next event hmm:)

(Dewi) #4

My social media plan for an event is to start by thanking everyone, from the sponsors to everyone that visited. Then I share any photos or videos taken during the event. If you’ve got exhibitors, share their content because they will feel valued and might come back next time.
Social media is all about storytelling. If you tell a good story and your audience is engaged by it, that’s where your event momentum comes from. Create an active community around your event.

(Tope Chiedozie) #5

Love this thanks!

(Melissa Saunders) #6

I would also encourage stakeholders you know who have had a positive event experience to post that which you can then repost/share. It’s generally worth gathering some testimonials at the event if that’s possible, which you can then use after. Also you can create “best bits” content such as a video or photo montage to reinforce the positive experience in people’s minds. If you the dates and location of the next event or other events people the same audience might be interested in include that too.

(Tom Williams) #7

This is a really important topic! Far too often, at the end of an event we turn our attention to the next event without working to continue the momentum we already have.

Just having a plan for using your event content is a key step. You have a lot of channels at your disposal - email, social media, your blog, the event app, influencers, even other events - that you can use to share the event’s content, as well as content created at the event itself (images, session / discussion recaps, etc) that will keep people talking and thinking about your event.

We have a guide on attendee engagement that has a section about post-event that expands upon some of what I was talking about:

Finally, for general post-event advice (less focused on engagement), check out this infographic:

Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have additional questions.

(Tope Chiedozie) #8

Thank you Tom! This helps a lot:)

(Alex Velinov) #9

All mentioned above looks good. One other thing you may consider is set your remarketing lists in a way you can remarket in a year time (if your event is annual) to the same audience attending to your event or even visiting your website. You may try to encourage users to follow the event on social media so you can build a community around the event. You need to post frequently after the event with engaging content to keep that audience active

(Melissa Saunders) #10

Great point Alex. I’ve been talking a lot recently about sustained engagement and always recommend this to clients. Unfortunately, resources/other priorities combine and they more often start re-engaging when they want to sell tickets again which is then harder work.

(Belinda Booker) #11

I think the best way to keep people engaged year-round is to build a community around the event, such as a Facebook group. However, rather than naming the group for the event itself, name it for the common interest that unites the attendees. I came across a great example of this recently - a club promoter created a Facebook group for people who used to work in Ibiza during the noughties and it was an instant hit. He is now organising a reunion event (a week of parties in Ibiza) for people in the group. If you can get people talking amongst themselves, the content is user-generated and they do all the work for you!