Types of generators

(Kyriacos) #1

Hi guys,

I am in need of a generator that would be able to run a few moving heads, a PA and some flood lights able to run for at least 7h long and be easy to move around. Have hired in a 7kva before that was good enough and decided to buy one.

I dont know much about generators and it would be good if someone could suggest brands?

Diesel or petrol

Thank you

(Belinda Booker) #2

Can any of our @Festivals members help @Kyri?

I would suggest taking a look at Powerful Thinking - there’s loads of practical information there about powering your event (and not harming the environment).

(Abena P) #3

Hi, that’s a relatively small power load and a solar power generator with backup battery might be sufficient. Solar doesn’t actually need a sunny day, just daylight, and your fuel is free! Have a chat with Firefly Power https://www.fireflyhybridpower.com

(Dewi) #4

The electrical contractors on the largest event that I work on use Aggreko . They have diesel and gas generators which are really quiet.