Venues for a company night out

(Louisa Douglas) #1

I’m looking for somewhere for our end of year celebration, there is only 21 of us in the company and we’re a mixed bag of people so it can be tricky pleasing everyone. I’m keen on booking a semi-private area of the Namco space but they only take bookings six weeks out.

Can anyone suggest anything similar, i.e. something with an activity/games, in London or the South East?

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(Nick Lawson) #2

Have you head of Drink Shop & Do? They’re in King’s Cross and cater pretty well for office parties with an activity element

(Mark Walker) #3

We had a team night (for similar number of people in attendance) at Bounce near Holborn and had a great time.

(Marino Fresch) #4

Swingers indoor golf, right beside the Gherkin, is another really fun option.

(Nick Lawson) #5

Flight Club in Moorgate is great as well, but you do have to book quite far in advance I think

(Samantha Barnwell) #6

We have had a great company night out at the Ceilidh Club (held at a number of venues including Cecil Sharp House, Camden).

No need for previous experience as they have good callers and you fit in with a large number of other so no problem re. limited numbers. Can also prebook online.

(Clare Burgess) #7

Yes! I’d second Drink, Shop, Do - recently visited it for a proposed event. Too small for my needs but looked really fun and great activities on offer.