Venues in & around The City, London for 250 guests (seated dinner)


(Emma Dixon) #1

Hi all - looking for a venue in or close to The City of London for between 200 and 250 for a seated 3-course client dinner this November. I’ve contacted all the livery halls as the client has used these previously, and likes the grandeur and history of these venues, but most are fully booked, so any other venues I should consider please do let me know.

(Nick Lawson) #2

Have you checked out the Honourable Artillery Company? A great venue (been to a couple of events there but not hosted one) in Moorgate with plenty of grandeur and history :slight_smile:

Unique Venues in London
(Emma Dixon) #3

Thanks Nick - yes have contacted HAC as used to host events there when i was at UBS - great venue! Just wondered it anything else out there thats new to the marketplace since I ran events in The City 7 years ago. Looks like the oldies are the goodies!

(Ruby Sweeney) #4

Hi Emma

Have you tried the Unique Venues of London site? You can search venues on their site:

Good luck!

(Ruby Sweeney) #5

Or how about One Moorgate Place?

(Abena P) #6

Hi Emma,

Have you tried the Old Billingsgate?