Virtual Reality at Events

(Nick Lawson) #1

Has anyone seen a good use of VR at an event (that wasn’t a specific VR event!)? How much did it contribute to your experience of the event?

(Nick Short) #2

Hi Nick…

Im really into the idea of VR and what it could be used for… especially in events… have you seen this one by imagination?

Looks like a very clever use of VR at events. I imagine beside the actual success of the event, the free advertising for all involved would be great.

(Nick Lawson) #3

Wow that actually sounds like a really cool event, definitely one of the best business uses of VR I’ve seen yet. I haven’t read much on social VR but this sounds like a pretty slick application of it. I can only really see VR becoming a bigger and bigger thing in the experiential marketing field.

The venue 8 Northumberland Avenue have been using VR to sell their event spaces - idea being that a client can come and see the event spaced transformed into how it will look for their event. I’d be interested to know if this has seen a good ROI for them. Perhaps it’s still early days, but in the future when they can build the apps quicker and cheaper this could be really effective?

(Natasha Giller) #4

Wow I’d imagine that could be really useful for a lot of businesses as a lot of people struggle to imagine things and see the potential. Estate agents being a good example.

Like you say I’d imagine it would be quite time consuming at the moment with it being fairly new but it has a lot of potential I think.

(Nick Lawson) #5

Another good use I’ve heard of is UNICEF using VR at fundraising events. They created a 360 video of a refugee camp in the Middle East, and used it to transport people at events into humanitarian crisis zones.

The great thing was that they could actually make a business case for it because it doubled number of people donating compared to a traditional fundraising methods.

EDIT: knew there was a blog post about it somewhere!

(Natasha Giller) #6

Wow! That has to be the best use of VR! That’s amazing.

(Ollie Kilvert) #7

I produce VR tours for venues/conferences & we’ve seen a massive surge of interest. We just need to be on site for a few hours, you can exhibit your place at a conference using a Samsung VR headset or just use an iPad. It allows anyone the opportunity to walk around your venue, which helps created a lot of buzz.