Webinar - which is the best fully inclusive system to use?

(Jo) #1

I’m looking for a good system to use for webinar for up to 50 participants. Some may have disabilities such as deafness or a visual impairment. Can anyone recommend one?

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(Belinda Booker) #2

Hi Jo, you might find this thread useful: What's your favourite platform for webinars?

(Lotte E-H) #3

I spent a lot of time about 2 years ago looking for a reliable webinar platform, I trialled a lot and landed on ClickWebinar and never had an issue with it. Easy to use, great quality video and Customer Service on hand to help straight away. Saying that, that was 2 years ago, so things could have changed, but I’ll be running Webinars soon so if you find one that works for you, please do share.

(Jo) #4

Thanks for the info Lottie, I will take a look.

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(Jo) #5

Dear Belinda

Thanks for the link – I will take a look

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