What are the most important things to ask an event venue?


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Still think venues/internet providers could do more.

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Oh 100% agree - Considering how speedy home broadband is these days, you’d think they’d use that as a feature in venues and offer the same for free; whilst keeping it open/easy to access.

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I’ve been stung by many things over the years. The biggest ones were:

  1. What actually is included with the venue (e.g. catering staff, food, rubbish collection etc…)
  2. Wifi speed, reliability, number of connections.
  3. Union labour <- especially for USA.
  4. Exact times we can get access to the venue and when we need to leave by.
  5. Get an inventory of every other additional cost itemized in advance.
  6. Whether we need to use specific suppliers/vendors <- big one in the UK.

(Melissa Saunders) #25

In my experience, catering can be a big issue. At many venues you’re tied into using their in house or approved caterers so always check thought out thoroughly. Also find out if the venue will be being used by any other clients the same day, what their timings are and what the impact may be on resources. I once worked on an exhibition where another was running the same day but opened earlier and their visitors took all the parking spaces which caused chaos & a lot of bad feeling.

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These are all great questions. I’ve recently asked myself the same questions and we came up with a collection of questions which you can find here.

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Hi all hope you are doing well :slight_smile:
My thoughts would be:

1)Is there easy access to load in and out equipment? Is there space for a van to be near a door?

2)is there enough power sockets and supply for the AV and for your staff.

  1. is there a green room space to put cases and bags for staff ?

  2. access to water ? Depending on your level of catering is there a place staff can eat during the load in day?

  3. any health and safety regulations that are required by the venue… This could be highviz’s to certain doors or places that will be not allowed, knowing all this before you set foot in there will mean you can brief everyone with a lot more information

That’s my two cents at 10pm


(Belinda Booker) #31

All great questions to ask. I think another important one is finding out what kind of access you will have to the venue for set up and rehearsals. Will you have to pay for an extra day or half a day’s hire?

(Carsten Pleiser) #32

That’s a great question, @Belinda_Booker, you don’t want to have unexpected hidden fees. A few others I found quite helpful:

  • Who will be my main point of contact during the event?
  • Will I have radios or a mobile number I can call?
  • Who’s the point of contact for emergencies?
  • Where will the registration desks be and do they have plugs for electricity?
  • What co-marketing opportunities exist potentially?
  • Can you block a specific range of dates until a decision has been made?

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Excellent. We’re getting quite a list going here!