What project management tools are you using?

(Mill Darby) #22

I tried Asana for a short time, didn’t really suit my needs so looking at wrike & slope but also want to get my head around google apps

(Ian Wells) #23

Used lots over the years but stuck with Trello - maybe I just lot the post note idea :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #24

Do you use any of the integrations on trello? I feel like these are where it gets super powerful, but i haven’t explored any so far

(Jarrod) #25

Whilst I have managed only a handful of events, I have spent the last two years managing a team across different continents to build an event freelance platform. I’ve chewed through my fair share of project based apps and now swear by the below list:

  • Task-based activities - Wunderlist

  • Project management - Trello

  • Team Communication - Slack

  • Documenting and processing - Evernote and Google suite of apps.

But sometimes, if I need to get granular as far as tasks are concerned, nothing beats a good, old, spreadsheet!

(Adam Parry) #26

We use event specific tools such as Eventuosity, we still use tools like Dropbox and google sheets as well

EventCollab is also a great tool

(Samir Pekaz) #27


I haven’t seen anyone here mention WeTrack event management software. It is cloudbased, robust event system ( projects, gant chart, suppliers, incident management, etc) that is being used by Expo2020 in Dubai. I worked with it a lot and can answer any questions (hopefully).


(Melissa Saunders) #28

I’ve been using Google sheets a bit since starting work with Eventbrite but mostly I get hooked up to a client’s own systems/networks through a VPN. Now I’ve got various projects on the go and looking for a few more I need something I can keep tabs on everything in. Will check out some of those mentioned!

(Richard Heathcote) #30

My event team leaders and I use Slack almost daily for general communication - and for collaboration on planning documents etc we tend to use Dropbox Paper; like Google Docs stuff for mutual input on planning documents, spreadsheets etc. Really useful.

Personally I have Evernote than runs everything else. I’ve looked into proper CRMs, project management tools etc in the past but most are either too complicated to set up/run, and have features I nor my team would ever need. So I’ve just stuck with the current setup because it works fine.

(Abena P) #31

I do! It’s really good, can integrate with Google apps and it’s free for up to 15 team members which always helps.

(Richard Millington) #32

Pretty much solely Trello - with maybe some day to day to-do lists to work from.

(Allison Pinney Collis) #33

I use a combination (much depends on client interaction)

Google App - particularly like Keep
Mind Doodle

I’d really like a useful dashboard tool

(Belinda Booker) #34

Love the Mind Doodle tool - never seen that one before. Really handy for visualising a brain storming session.