What services do you guys use to obtain video production for your events?


(Brenna Clarine) #1

My company Valoso provides videography, video editing, and video marketing services to event organizers. We were wondering—what other video services do you guys use besides Valoso?

Thanks in advance for kindly sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

(Richard Heathcote) #2

Hi @brennaclarine

I’ve started using Biteable quite a lot of late - quite a useful little site for creating little videos with titles, that utilises stock footage from Shutterstock. Use that quite a lot for Brummies Networking promo videos. It’s a bit like Canva, but for video.

I used to work in video production myself before my main job now as a voiceover, so I definitely see the value in utilising video in all its forms for promo etc. Absolutely crucial in this day and age.

We haven’t had any proper video produced for BN as yet, as we’re a free group; therefore no budget! But in an ideal world it would be nice to have.

(Brenna Clarine) #3

Thanks for sharing, Richard! I have heard of Biteable before, and I agree that it is a useful tool for creating videos with stock footage while on a budget :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #4

Lumen5 is a personal favourite for marketing videos. A lightweight tool that turns blog posts into videos in about 2 mins. Invaluable.

Will check out biteable sounds interesting

(Richard Heathcote) #5

Spotted Lumen5 a while back, but due to lack of budget I didn’t want to spend on it at this stage!
However, it does look good and one that could be very useful in the future. (When I’m prepared to spend!)

(Brenna Clarine) #6

I watched the launch video for Lumen5 and it does look very simple and convenient to use! However, a brand can always benefit from creating a video with their own original footage (e.g., from an event), would you agree? Does Lumen5 allow you to upload your own footage to include in the videos?