What venues can you highly recommend?


(Melissa Saunders) #1

I’ve previously mentioned quite a few venues on here that I’ve had the pleasure of working at/for or experienced as a visitor. What great venues would you recommend and why? Let’s here it for the venues! Go!

(Maricar Jagger) #2

I recently went to an event in the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth and was very impressed by the professional approach, as well as the love shown by the staff for their venue. They seemed very proud of their museum and eager for everybody to see it and come back (the goodbyes were just as warm as the welcome). Needless to say, the venue is very atmospheric and the exhibits interesting so it’s quite a pull for people to come to events there. We’re planning another event there, mainly because as an organiser I feel that I’m working with people who care about both their venue and my event.

(Melissa Saunders) #3

Hi Maricar, so glad you posted about the staff attitude. Doesn’t it make all the difference to your experience? I will certainly check it out when I’m next in Porstmouth. thanks for posting!

(Navin Todi) #4

Hello Folks,

Thanks for bringing out a very crucial point. It is very important to decide the venue while planning any event. From the experience, I personally prefer to check the guest lists and their living address and always ensure that I choose the banquet or hall that sounds nearest to the max attendee, Hence maximum people can become the part of the event.