What's your favourite platform for webinars?

(Belinda Booker) #1

I’ve experienced Google+ Hangouts and like it because it’s free and easy to use, but some more sophisticated functionality would be good. Any recommendations?

Webinar - which is the best fully inclusive system to use?
(Dan Marson) #2

I recently started running a few webinars on our latest software features and found Click Meeting really useful (https://clickmeeting.com/).

Really great reporting post-webinar, we set up a quick internal webinar using their trial and went for it.

I suppose it comes down to expected number of attendees?

(Nick Lawson) #3

Do you have to download software for that Dan?

I’ve used GoToWebinar a bit and you have to actually download software which seems a bit odd in this day and age of cloud products. The usability also isn’t great

(Dan Marson) #4

I use GoToWebinar every day, and do have their desktop application, I find this gives me massive control over my screen share sessions.

The problem we had with GoToWebinar is that our licence only allowed up to 25 attendees, displayed those attendees to everyone and was 2 way audio rather than a 1 way webinar. (Admittedly, GoToMeeting may have answers to those issues, but Citrix also have GoToWebinar, albeit quite pricey).

I do agree with you in the age of cloud products, but I’m happy to install desktop clients if the functionality justifies it.

(Richard Heathcote) #5

I’ve attended webinars that used Cisco Webex in the past, and from memory it was a very slick setup. I’ve never run a webinar so no idea on it’s functionality from a deliverer’s POV, but as an attendee it was easy to join in and overall very polished. No idea on pricing though I’m afraid.

(Belinda Booker) #6

@Dan_Marson Click Meeting looks good - I like that it can custom branded and that people can attend on their mobile devices. Very slick.

@nick_lawson I too have been involved with web meetings where I’ve had to download software (Webex and GoTo Webinar as I recall), which is something I really don’t like. People have to be really committed to attending in order to do it.

(Dan Marson) #7

I’m pretty sure to host screen shares using GoToMeeting you have to have the desktop client, same with ClickMeeting.

But to join them as a delegate, it’s all through your browser (or mobile device).

Like you both say though, I’d have to be really invested in the content to download something as an attendee.

(Stephen O'donnell) #8

I highly recommend Crowdcast.

In the past I have used Blab, which has now reappeared as https://bebo.com/

I also recommend Smiletime, which is free https://smiletime.com


There are a few others, all with different features, and some of the free ones are terrific.

(Belinda Booker) #9

Thanks for those suggestions. I’ve never thought about organising a webinar through Facebook Live - interesting concept!