10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets for Successful Networking

Whether you love it or hate it, networking is an essential part of advancing your business or career. If you’d like to be more effective at it, you might enjoy this sage advice we’ve curated from 10 networking experts. Do you agree with them? What are your own top tips for making connections?

  1. Be an introducer

  1. Get out there

  1. Help others

  1. Don’t expect things

  1. Share with others

  1. Use existing relationships

  1. Be generous

  1. Connect in real life

  1. Welcome opportunities

  1. Don’t “hunt prey”

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Great advice! I still shudder at the thought of working a room. A smile usually helps and passing someone a drink is usually very welcome.

I think it’s important to follow up fast too. there’s no point taking a stack of business cards home if you don’t at least drop these people a quick message the next day and connect to them on linkedin.

Agree. And if you’re going to be meeting a lot of people I think it’s a good idea to stick each person’s business card in a book and make a few note along side it so you don’t for get who they were and what you were talking about.

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