10 Simple Things Event Planners Still Get Wrong

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If you’ve never planned an event before it’s easy to make mistakes, but there are a number of more experienced eventprofs who still get things wrong.

Whether that’s missing out on opportunities to grow their customer base or not providing the best guest experience, correcting these simple errors or oversights can make their events much more successful. We wrote up 10 of the most common.

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What do you think are some of the most common, simple mistakes event planners make? Is this post missing any obvious ones?

Good blog @Belinda_Booker! The CTA is a good thing. I’ve seen far too much promotion collateral where some of the event essentials i.e. what, where, when and the CTA are missing so would always advise getting someone else to sense check anything going out and include the phone number and website address.

Also, not checking connectivity on site is something that organisers often fail to do and this has come up on some other posts too. You need to know there is sufficient internet access and phone signal to conduct your event in the way that you want to and to manage communications should anything go wrong. Plus your visitors will most likely have expectations re connectivity so these to need be managed too.

Interesting comment re layouts. It’s a tricky challenge subject to venues where client expectation need to be managed. However, I’m also pro healthy conferencing and favour encouraging delegates to move about during lunch and breaks. Poser tables are great - just the right size to prevent people setting up camp but not too big to take up too much space.

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You’re right, I also come across marketing materials where the basics are missing or hidden, that’s why it’s good to pass it by someone outside of the organisation who does not all the details and will easily see what’s missing.

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Perhaps there should be the introduction of standing areas, like at concerts or football matches?!

I’m in the process of planning an event with the mixed layout (cabaret, theatre, poser and swiss balls!). The stumbling block seems to be persuading the venue !

Really? Is that often the case?

What are their reservations? People rolling around on the swiss balls and knocking things over?! :laughing:

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sounds like a fun night!

One that I see a surprising amount - not having the right cables and adaptors! Particularly at conferences where speakers are bringing their own presentations on a macbook. Surprisingly often the AV team do not have a mac or HDMi adaptor. A small thing but it can totally derail a keynote.

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Good post Marino. Would you expect the speaker to bring the right cables or for the venue to have them available or both?

I’d expect the venue to have them available, at least to handle Mac / PC. Although now I bring my own :slight_smile:

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Top tip!

Definitely a top tip @Marino I’d add to that, having plenty of universal plug adapters available if the event is overseas or if you have speakers coming from abroad.

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haha probably! I have an upcoming meeting - will let you know the outcome!