10 Unusual Virtual Event Promotion Ideas For 2021

Ideas For Virtual Event Promotion

I prepared 10 unusual yet simple to implement ideas for the virtual event promotion that can help you to reach thousands of people. :dark_sunglasses:

#1 Collaboration with sponsors

Yes, we know it’s your job to advertise sponsors. But who said they can’t advertise you as well? If the sponsors’ audience can be relevant to your virtual event, reach out to them asking for an announcement on their website or social media. To save time, prepare the content you want to be published, in advance.

#2 Slack communities

There are thousands of Slack channels with announcements which everyone can freely join. Depending on the virtual event topic, search for the relevant channels whose members potentially might be interested in attending your event.

#3 Google hidden possibilities

Not only Google Ads can make your virtual event seen. If your organization has a Google My Business account, post your announcement there. The service also allows to track the performance and check analytics.

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How do you promote your virtual events?