22 Event Trends for 2018

Want to know what to expect in the world of events next year? Once again we’ve asked professionals from across the industry to look into their crystal balls.

Based on their own observations, these EventProfs (and EventTribers) have identified 22 trends set to shape our 2018. Read on and discover what’s hot and happening in every area of events including food and drink, technology, venues, networking and more!

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Any trends do you think could be included here? Post them below!


This is a must read for all EventProfs!

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These lines are really opportune, honestly. Congrats for the post.

In my opinion, TRENDS #(1to7) + #22 are good tips for many events planners to logistically get ready for what is coming on.

TRENDS #8 #16 and #19 are really risky, whoever just focuses in technological innovation, will simply ¨crash¨ (in my opinion). Let me please give you my deep explanation through my blog:

TREND #9 I guess this is utopian in this current legal World. Privacy policies probably will not allow it yet. (May be later)

TRENDS #10 and #20 are the main key for the success. This is the real goal from now on.

TRENDS #11 and #12 well, that is currently one of the biggest objectives. If you don´t think about that, you are simply ¨dead¨.

TRENDS #13 and #18 are a direct consequence of the first seven trends in the post.

TREND #14 I do not believe this, it goes against many things explained in all the keys before.

TREND #15 is the main key for everything. ¨Creativity¨ focused on the ¨exclusivity¨ will be the most valued and powerful tool. I link this subject links with my blog post referred before.

TREND #17 Financially I see this really difficult, even though it is opportune.

TREND #21 is a consequence of this digital era we live in. According to this, I guess event planners will have a good chance for success if they make more original things in this field.

(Uff!.. end of the report). Good one.


Thanks @JMASPAIN What do you think will be the single most important trend next year?

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In my opinion, interactivity. Regards

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There is definitely a strong trend towards delivering an end to end experience with the visitor/delegate/guest being involved on many levels. Exciting times!

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Exactly! Melissa. Not just that: I guess a new era of ¨selective¨ interactive events is coming right now, where calls will be made for really exclusive targets according to the affinity of their interests… In this way, the proposals will must get the level as expected by the potential targets. Everything in search for the ¨excellence¨ in the interaction and networking. A kind of ¨delicacy events¨, I guess that will be great for everybody.


Knowing your audience(s) will be more important than ever before then.

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Look Melissa, this is what I was really meaning (super interesting everything, congrats). https://jorgemedinaazcarate.wordpress.com/2017/12/09/event-trends-for-2018-the-year-for-the-¨exclusive-interaction¨/

This is one of the stronger lists I’ve seen. Admittedly, I’m a tad partial to #16 (since it give us my company a shout out) but I also think 2, 5, 11, 12, 19, and 20 are important and realistic.

I’m a little more skeptical towards 13, 14, and 17 mostly because I think they underestimate how long it takes the changes they anticipate to actually become wide spread.

In case your interested, we shared some of our 2018 predictions earlier this week: http://blog.hubb.me/2018-event-tech-trends. It expands a little upon a few of the trends in the article shared by the OP.

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What a lot of BS. Not a single true innovation? Preaching for every ones own church is an old saying but it counts here.
I am waiting for some one to start with something totally new. Just like TEDX in 1984.
Eventtech is overrated and the only thing it did for our industry is SUBSTITUTE traditional stuff. Whether you talk about voting systems or apps with a program or apps that show you the way, none of those things was an invention but only an substitute. Yes, it made things go faster but is it “new”? I dare to say…NO.
It’s time to INVENT something new. A 3d projection on you desk when you can’t attend the meeting.

I also believe that we need to focus on thinking of new ways to invite people to attend.

Hi Steven, thanks for your thoughts on this. What do you think will be a big trend on the creative side of things in the next year or so?