31/07/17 New Member Welcome and Weekly Update

Happy Monday EventTribers

I hope you all had great weekends, and that no one’s events were too badly affected by the rain we had in the UK. Sounded like Y Not Festival in Derbyshire did not have the best of times:

Should they have had better preparations in place, or is it impossible to prepare for these kind of conditions?

Quick announcement: We’re looking at starting some regional sub categories for chit chat about local things such as venues, suppliers and making new contacts. We’re probably going to stick to regions/larger cities, so you’d like a region to be included please just shout on this thread here.

Anyway on to the important task of welcoming our latest Tribers. Posting in a new community is always daunting but we’re a pretty friendly bunch so if you’re new here please do feel free to say hi, tell us why you joined EventTribe or what you’re working on at the moment (we might be able to help!) by posting below :slight_smile:.

A big welcome to…

Luisa Bunyan @Shoreditch64 Sales & Marketing Manager - Meeting and events
Kanishka Soni @kanishka_soni Event Manager - AZeotropy, 2018
Annie Chang @Annie_Chang cinematographer - freelancer
Deborah McKinnon @Debbiemac Lecturer - Edith Cowan College
Topsy lawal @Divine Event consultant - Event management
Michelle Ross @Michelle_Ross Registered Nurse - Blanchard Valley Health System
Paul Connolly @paulconnolly Director - The Tax Shop Group
Paul Young @paisprince Events Producer - SME Connect
Mark Giles @markgiles Director - Insignis Events
melissa macdonald @mmm Client Manager - wallacespace
Kate McCarthy @KateTMcC Event Organiser - Classic Volks
LesleyAnn Thompson @LesleyAnn Head of Global Events - The Seriously Good Business Show
Michelle Jay @Michelle_Jay Managing Director - Bright Spark Events
Amy Milchard @Amym5246 Owner - Pink Spaghetti Sheffield and Surrounds
Jorge @Tyr Event manager ; bar manager - Events
Mark McIntyre @mdmcintyre Sadistic Owner (apparently|) - Outdoors Fitness
Jens Steffensen @Jens Country Manager - www.granyon.com
Anna Griffiths @Anna_Griffiths Owner - Together Teepee
Vickie Sutherland @DASH Chairperson - Dundee Autism Support Hub
Silvia Mogas @SilviaMogas Events Manager - S&L
Marilyn Devonish @marilyn Founder - TranceFormations TM
Deana towersey @Deana2404 Managing Director - Event Buddy (UK) Limited
Jason Roche @Jason_Roche Founder - Freelancer
Karen Free @KarenF MD - Freelance
Benedicta Banga @Fungi Founder - Gradstrategy
Jakki Rossiter @Jakki Events Co-ordinator - University of The Arts London
Kim Edmunds @Kim_Edmunds Event manager - Le Cirque Paradis
James Field @James_Field Director - Big Bang Promotions
Laura King @Laura_King Event Organiser - Contractor
Katharina Simon @katharina01099 Consultant - T-Systems
Claire Street @Fatsquirrel Membership Events & Admin Officer - Royal Forestry Society
Susanne Wernicke @zahnloseminka Relations Manager - CuriousMe
Mike Toy @Mike1 Communications and Engagement Officer - Southampton Solent University
Alice Smith @Alice Membership Events Coordinator - Royal College of General Practitioners
Oliver Margarson @Oliver Director - BrightLight Fireworks & Events
Stephanie Harris @stephharris Content Specialist & Customer Support - SocialWall Pro

It’s great to have you all here.

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Oh gosh, what a disaster at Y Not! It looks like they did not have a sufficient emergency plan in place. Adverse (wet) weather is hardly something that couldn’t have been anticipated - it’s almost a given at UK festivals, so it is a surprise they weren’t better prepared for getting people off the site.

How could this have been done better? Are there any festival organisers here? How about you @Jay ?