A platform for music event organisers to create & publish events, find & book artists & venues and market them

Hello everyone,

Would you consider a platform built around independent music industry professionals including artists, venue owners & operators, event organisers, promoters, tech innovators and just about any profession connected to the music industry?

The basic idea is to generate revenue opportunities for independent individuals as well as startups and organisations in the music community by building networks and making all kinds of professionals accessible to each other and the audience where the professionals can directly engage with the audience and vice versa.

The professionals will have their profile options based on their primary roles in the industry and each role will have tools and features built for their primary roles and content delivery based on the user’s musical preferences and location. The platform works as a networking platform with features like music & video streaming, saving and sharing playlists, post updates, create and communicate with groups, create and publish events with all sorts of info, find all information on venues, their available dates, location based updates, calendars etc.

What goes with the events community is what goes with the other communities like Venues, Tech innovators, artists & performers where everyone will have a set of tools for their specific products along with a set of common features.

The best part is the audience that can access a wealth of information on all things music.

I’d like your feedback on this as well as suggestions and recommendations on how can we make the best out of this. I’m working on one that is partially built, and constantly looking for ways to improvise as well as get support. I hope to find some here…

Much thanks…!

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