Activity Ideas for Students at a Tech Conference

Hi all! I organise business to business events and need some help!

I’m currently planning our annual Technology Conference, in previous years students (high school age) have attended but we’ve found that they can be difficult to keep entertained and can irritate our business delegates/exhibitors as they can’t sell their business to students.

I’m currently thinking of having a separate room for students during the conference breaks, like a ‘student lounge’, but I need some inexpensive activities/games that both are techy and business related, and easy to manage - has anyone got any ideas? (I work at a non-profit hence the inexpensive part).

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Sammy
thanks for posting. Perhaps you could provide some student-focussed, less formal in the lounge area such as careers advice, CV workshops, student finance information or interview skills role play. Maybe some of our members who are involved in @Student_Educational events can help with this too?

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Hi @Sammy

How about some kind of hacking challenge/competition?

You could offer the businesses that send delegates the opportunity to sponsor the competition by setting a challenge and offering a small prize. In return they get their logo splashed all over the venue and event website: it could be an inexpensive and valued bit of PR for them.



Some great ideas there. You could gamify the collection of knowledge by running a scavenger hunt? Maybe also have an area where they can demo some tech and record reviews? Fun photo opportunities will encourage them to take pics and upload to snapchat.