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Can anyone advise me on the best advertisement tools to use for a small business that have worked to boost clientele please?

Thank you

Hi Alex, interesting one!

Can you tell us a bit more about your events and your target market?

Hi Alex
By “boost clientele” are you referring to delegates, visitors, exhibitors, organisers or other audiences? The short answer to “which tool” is usually that you’ll most likely need to use several tools/channels and in my experience, it’s a different combination for every event and audience. Please let us know more and we can progress from there.

Here’s some advice we gave another start-up event company that might help:
Tips for new Event company in India

Facebook advertising is a really powerful tool for small businesses.

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Agreed and easy to test out, target, manage your budget, switch on and off etc.

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for a minimum of £1 a day, it’s a bargain.