Advice/mentor wanted: launching an exhibition

Hi there, I’m new to this forum, previously I held a lot of events as Head of Group L & D and now I’m wanting to run an event where businesses will showcase. Therefore it’s not for a client and I’m not a business supporting them, this is for me and my own brand. Does anyone know where the best threads are for this? Or even to seek a mentor?
Thank you!

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Hi Nic, welcome! Tell us a bit more. So will they essentially be buying exhibition space at your event? Are you trying to build an event/show brand?

Hi Belinda, thank you :slight_smile:
That’s right so an example would be a wellness festival or another themed event where businesses under that category would showcase their business, probably with offers and a basic stand - with rooms to use for anything like a class, workshop or speaker sessions. It would be run under my brand name but they will be exposing their own brands through it.

Thanks for the extra info. I’m going to tag in @MelissaJane as she specialises in marketing for exhibitions and shows, and update the thread title to help you connect with the right members. You might also find these article of interest?

Hi Belinda, that’s really thoughtful and helpful, thankyou