Advice needed for first time organising a fundraising event

Hi, I am trying to organise a concert/event for children who have been refused funding for a cancer prevention drug called Anti GD2. The treatment these children require cost around £152,000 per child and the N.I.C.E. medical board have stated that the treatment these children require is NOT cost effective enough for them. One of the children that have been refused is my nephew Jimmie Jaques who is only 5 years old. Jimmie is a special little boy due to the fact that he came from me and as i gave him to my twin sister who is unable to have her own children i am unable to really do anything to help him or my sister and so i am trying to raise the money Jimmie and his friends desperately need. Without this medication these children have a much bigger chance of the cancer coming back within two years and if it comes back it could be more aggressive which means they could gain their wings way before they have had a chance at life.
I have sent emails to a few companies to see if they would help by sponsoring my event but while i’m waiting for a response i was wondering if there is any advise anyone can give. i have never done anything like this before and a trying my best i just need some guidance.

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Hi Nici, sorry to read about the plight of your nephew and his friends. As an Auntie myself I understand your desperation to help.

With regard to sponsorship you may find the following threads from our recent sponsorship week of help:

You might also find these blogs re fundraising helpful:

Perhaps you can get other family members and the other children’s families involved.

Wishing you all the very best on this.

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Other EventTribe members organising fundraising events might be able to help. Do you have some specific questions for the @Charity members?

We can offer a space for chairities and community groups


I may have mentioned it in another thread, but I think in this case a press release would do wonders for getting sponsors on board. Tugging at enough heartstrings would surely get sponsors wanting to be seen as the benevolent ones, but depending on the sponsors, I wonder if they’re taking their time only because they don’t see any immediate benefit for themselves. (N.B. I realise how cynical that sounds…I swear I don’t hate humanity that much).

Also, the emails you’ve sent may have gone into a large pile of emails in their “info@” box that gets checked by an unpaid intern twice a week.

If you have a few sponsors on board already, maybe you could mention them in the press release (with their permission, of course)? That would almost certainly get other companies noticing.