Advice on Security at Venues please

Hi there,
I am in my 4th year hosting a Christmas event which sees over 600 people attend every year.
The annual event, which took place last weekend is held at a Cathedral. Over the last couple of years we have been asked to pay for the security ourselves, however i have learnt that the venue, which is classified as a ‘high risk’ venue in the city, has their own contract with security and provide them with radios and mics per shift.
My question is- Who is supposed to pay for security- me as the event host using the venue or the venue.
I just need to know where we stand as this is quite a heavy cost for a charity event.

Hi Suzanna - interesting question. I don’t know myself but let me find some venue managers around here who might be able to help…


may be able to help you…? (they all work for venues)

The event organiser usually brings in their own security team or advisors. I’m part of an organising team of a Christmas Fair and we had our own dedicated security team who advised on everything including anti-terrorism measures.