Advice on team building with franchisees?

Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice. A client is looking to do some team building at an overseas conference but has received backlash from the delegates who don’t wont to get involved. The group are an older demographic than she has dealt with before 50+ and they are franchises so would have had to have paid to attend the conference. If anyone has any advice on how to get this group engaged with team building activities, I would be very grateful.

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I would suggest something which is perceived as an incentive, like a vineyard trip for wine tasting, but which also has elements of team bonding. Perhaps they will have to work together in teams to identify the wine varieties? Alternatively, maybe a food trail, where participants get to sample and learn about local specialities, while also competing for points? You should definitely choose something that will help participants get more out of visiting the overseas location.

Hi Annabel, Do they just not like what the proposed activity is? Or do they just not want to partake in a group activity?

If the former, then perhaps your client could inquire with some of the more vocal attendees to find out what they’d prefer. Throw in a range of options such as @Belinda_Booker’s above. Venues you’re using can also put forward suggestions for the demographic. I’ve found that a posh pub quiz or murder mystery built into a 3 course sit down dinner goes down well with similar audiences.

If the latter, then your client may need to sell it to them more. What are the benefits to them and what measures are in place to make sure its an enjoyable experience. e.g. for new members who won’t know anyone, organise a coffee meet up at the start.

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Good suggestions - something that is team building disguised as something that is not!

Thank you for the advice :smile:

Hi, there, recently came across the same issue and I totally agree with Belinda and Julianne. Those are really good tips. I’ve also got inspired by reading this article and I highly recommend you to give it a read! I think the organizer needs to let the attendees know that the team building is like a motivation event that shows the recognition of achievement and brings positive interactions!
Hope it helps. :slight_smile: