Aeroplane exterior needed/theatre set standard okay

Hi there, I wondered if anyone knew where to get hold of an aeroplane exterior. Can be just the cockpit/nose and first few rows of the plane, no wings. Any ideas? Something light weight that may have been used for a theatre or film is okay, no need to be an actual plane. I’m in London.


This is niche! Love it though - what do you need it for?

Hope someone can help you :slight_smile:

I found these guys when I was looking for a giant deckchair for an event. They certainly have airline seats and they may have more you. Plus they do bespoke work and may have contacts for you if they don’t have exactly have what you want. There’s also a travel-vintage section on the site. Good luck!

for a press launch, airplane themed, golden age of travel 50s type thing

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Thanks! I’ll give them a try

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Hi Claire, there is a company I know called Theme traders - they do event prop hire. You can go on their site and type in flying in the search bar and you’ll see what they have got. Might not be a plane as such but will provide you with some ideas. Chris


How about maybe hiring a flight simulator like this?:

Could be a great extra attraction?

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