Any top tips re adwords please?

I’m just about to launch an adword campaign for a trade event. I’ve done this a few times before but was wondering if anyone had any great tips or learnings they wish they’d known earlier and are happy to share with us.

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Hey Melissa, my 3 tips would be:

  1. Be as targeted as you possibly can with your keywords! You only want to spend money on clicks that have a good chance of converting

  2. Use negative keywords to exclude things you don’t want to appear in the search terms (e.g. “free” if your event is a paid one)

  3. Retarget people who haven’t already bought (people don’t usually buy on the first interaction)


Thanks Nick. Hadn’t thought about negative keywords and interestingly that’s never been suggested to me by any of the agencies I’ve used either. Great advice!! Cheers, M

Hi everybody,

When it comes to PPC in event marketing it depends (like everything AdWords related). as a rule of thumb, I would recommend you first focus on:

  1. Make a good research before starting anything in AdWords. What’s are your competitors? How they do their marketing? What’s keywords are you going to target? What’s will be your average CPC? What’s your target audience, geo-targeting…etc? Keep in mind that if you skip this step you can spend a lot of many in AdWords without getting anything back. There are also a lot of free tools that might help you get that information as Adwords Keyword Planner, Display Planner? Google trends etc.

  2. What’s your marketing budget? Is it fixed on flexible, based on the results you get? Based on that, your initial research (point1) and hopefully some Google Analytics data you can decide what channels are you going to use - Search - Google and/or Bing, Display, Social - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc. Also, your budget can help you decide when exactly to start the campaign so you have budget enough till the event. Keep in mind that if you are doing the event for the first time you definitely should invest some in Brand Awareness, so you can bring quality website traffic.

  3. Where is your event audience or what kind of audience are you expecting to get there? is local, national, international and what’s the distance your target audience is willing to travel to come to your event. Adwords and Bing have very precise geo-targeting. If you have Google Analytics set up correctly, you can get some good insights too.

  4. What’s your target audience? Where they hang out in internet etc Based on that you can do a different kind of contextual/ interest or placement targeting in AdWords

  5. Track everything so you can make informed decisions. Basically, you need Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking for every single platform you use -AdWords, Facebook, Twitter etc. Once you track and tag your campaigns you are able easily to find what is working and most importantly why, so you can easily redefine and update your marketing on the go.

  6. Try to use wisely your events USP and what’s make your event different for similar events? You can use that incentive in a different way but the best is to use it in your ad copy and/or banners. That will bring you higher CTR, which leads to higher quality score which leads to lower CPC at end of the day, as well as higher conversion rate.

Hope this may help, and may the force be with you.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer (if know the answer;)


Thanks Alex. That’s hugely helpful - I’m going to work my way through that. Some really useful tips!

A couple quick tips to add to the great stuff shared above:
1 - always run multiple ad versions. In search you want to test your headlines pretty much constantly. You should start with at least 3 different headlines touching on different benefits of attending your event. In the campaign settings you’ll want to select the ‘rotate evenly’ ad rotation option so that you can measure accurately which headline gets the best results

2 - in targeting, whether you’re using a radius, zip code, state, country, city etc. you’ll usually want to target only people in this area. In settings once again go in at the campaign level, find the geo targeting section and select ‘target people in this location’

3 - don’t use broad keywords without a restricted budget. Broad keywords would look like this: Business Conference, Home Show, Food Festival. Using these types of keyword match types can cause you to lose a lot of money on clicks that are super low quality. instead add a + at the start of the word which means to google that that word must be present in the search phrase. So: +Business +Conference, +Home +Show, +Food +Festival. I would usually run broad keywords with 10-20% of daily budget, and the + or broad match modified the rest.

Hope this can help everyone out there :slight_smile: