App making event simultaneous interpretation 30% cheaper

SPEAKUS, an Irish software developer, provides a lucrative and cost-efficient remote interpreting solution for multilingual conferences. Event managers using SPEAKUS are offered to save up to 30% compared to the rental of booths and headsets.

Three banking executives quit their day jobs to disrupt the language technology industry by replacing traditional bulky interpreting equipment with digital cloud-based solution. They created SPEAKUS - a platform that simplifies an event manager’s work and making it less stressful by introducing the benefits of modern tech. Interpretation delivery platform is now capable of providing remote conference interpretation services with the latency of 200 ms. Following the BYOD concept interpretation is delivered to the attendees’ smartphones via the SPEAKUS mobile app.

Software platform and standard internet connection (3G/4G mobile/Wi-Fi) are effectively replacing traditional interpretation equipment rental that usually comes with a hefty price tag to deliver and setup. Interpreters using SPEAKUS can operate remotely from cost-effective locations. In contrast to the traditional equipment that often comes with a whole day rental obligation, SPEAKUS can be booked for as long as one hour. The recent update delivers better sustainability for events with an audience of 50,000 people.

Igor Gusev, CFO, and co-founder: “After scaling and developing new features we have suddenly come to the point where we can serve any event with simultaneous interpretation. According to our internal market research, we are the most cost-efficient global remote interpreting platform. As part of further development, we intend to introduce a marketplace for MICE industry players, LSPs and interpreters”.

[SPEAKUS] ( provided remote conference interpretation services for more than 50 events in Europe and Asia, including large-scale conventions: Google, TEDx, Synergy Global Forum, Global Challenges Summit. Company is expanding its operations in the United States and has offices in Ireland, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia.

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