Are you considering remote participation for your event?

Advances in event technology have the potential to transform visitor experiences and greatly increase the possibility of remote participation/attendance. However a recent event buyer survey by the Barbican indicates that only just over half are currently considering remote participation for their events. Is that higher or lower than you would have expected and where do you currently sit on this? Is it being factored into your current plans?

This is an example of a virtual ticket for social media marketing conference in the US

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Thanks @DewiEirig Do you think this approach brings a wider audience and important secondary revenue stream or will it mean fewer people in the room and reduced overall ticket revenue?

A virtual ticket brings in a worldwide audience to your event. If your virtual ticket is priced correctly you should’nt see a drop in actual attendance.

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This is one to watch I think! Are you planning on virtually attending any events?

I tend to go to events in person but there have been many events in the UK I wished I could’ve attended if they were virtual. The USA seems to be far more ahead of the game when it comes to new ideas and they should be adopted here in the UK as soon as possible.

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Sure it will take off here too. I’d like to check out one virtually and in person.

Any plans to include virtual participation options in your events @Conferences @SEC @Festivals people?