Are you making any professional New Year's resolutions?

According to event management software company Cvent, these are the 5 New Year’s resolutions event professionals should be making. Do you agree? Do you have any others to add to the list?

Resolution 1: Digitally track attendees’ movements at your events

You probably know everything your audience is doing on your website and other digital channels – why shouldn’t you know what they are doing at your event? Events provide some of the most valuable prospect and customer insights you can get so make sure you start tracking the digital footprints your attendees leave while onsite.

Resolution 2: Gather feedback

Do not second-guess what you think your attendees and prospects want. Make sure you do plenty of research to accurately gauge their objectives and to better understand what content and format they’re looking for.

Resolution 3: Facilitate better networking

Take the time to understand your attendees – their job title, professional interests, etc. to help connect those of similar interests. By offering a mobile event app, attendees can create personalised profiles and engage with each other before the event even starts.

Resolution 4: Use social media for your event’s lifespan

Remember to use social media to help amplify messages before, during - and after your event. Post-event, share photos and top takeaways via your mobile event app and give attendees an easy way to share them via their social channels.

Resolution 5: Integrate collected data

Live events are a data goldmine: sessions attended, time spent at product booths, session feedback, appointments…interest and buying signals are everywhere. Make the most of this data by collecting it strategically and then integrating it into your customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems.

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Hi. These are some great points raised and i’d cite also that data captured at Events by Organisers is becoming increasingly insightful for both the Organiser and Venue. When feedback, attendee movement or lead-capture is all tracked seamlessly then this can definately help increase value and help improve the user experience over time.

I’m really interested in this aspect of things. Could you give any examples of how organisers can utilise this data?

We started development on our product because I saw too much fragmentation in the market. If we could create a ‘digital layer’ which linked everyone in the process of an Event then the data captured would become valuable. A couple of examples would be:

  1. feedback | this is ever so important to the Organiser however much of the time it’s overlooked. We’ve implemented a 5 Star rating button - it doesn’t hinder the view and enables a super quick selection. When exported in to Excel you can sort by Star rating and Attendee name. Simple, but insightful.

  2. lead-capture | 1 qualified lead could be extremely more valuable than a generic list of 30 scanned names so using a method similar to feedback we encourage Exhibitors to add a priority and Notes using our website. A list exported to Excel is data that potentially wins the Exhibitor more business – and so campaigns could be started before the Event has even finished.

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Great examples. And is your system compatible with CRMs as well?

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We have a custom built API which would allow us to integrate with most CRM software on the market today. A great synergy for us and a provider would be to enable an import of the captured leads in to the cloud CRM at the click of a button, perhaps with a 30 day free trial. Much like the example for exporting in to Excel.

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Since our site launch, we’ve been getting event professionals to sign up and we’ve been asking them to help us improve their experience. We’re resolving to continue listening to those on the site, and hopefully get a few more onboard!

Hope everyone here has an amazing New Year…whether or not you’re planning the event, I’m sure you’ll all be celebrating :slight_smile:

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Excellent, Sachin. Are you reaching out to them personally via email or using an on-site questionnaire? Happy New Year to you!

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Happy New Year, Belinda!

We reach out to them through various media…social and face-to-face. Our base in Toronto has grown exponentially as event professionals are seeing our platform as a more convenient method of getting their promotional material done efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Here’s hoping event managers in the US, UK and Europe catch up :wink:

Anyone who reads this thread will already be a few steps ahead. They’ll get even better once they sign up!

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Some great resolutions here Bel! How would you track visitor movements at a consumer event. I’ve only done it at a trade show and in retail (where we used cameras to identify the store hotspots).

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Happy New Year, Melissa! You could do it with cameras or with RFID enabled smart badges, getting visitors to tap badges at hot spots. You could incentivise them to do so, allowing them to digitally collect information they might want or earn points towards something (gamify it).