Asking for quotes can be time consuming. What if you are new and have few contacts?

Requesting quotes from several suppliers can be time consuming. What if there was a ‘one stop shop’ platform like where you could state your budget and a description of what you are looking for and let suppliers come to you with quotes instead?

Would you use it? Do you think could be a great asset for the industry or would it create issues and why? I am curious to hear people’s thoughts.

In other words, it could be a networking platform for event professionals and event consumers. i.e. new clientele for event profs and easy access to vendors by consumers.

I agree, I have quite a solid book of suppliers that I use for everything - although being new to the industry this can take time to grow. This is a great site for asking advice for some thing specific, although I’m not sure I would use a style site as for me recommendation is key (sadly there are one too many cowboy firms out there in the event world). Have you ever thought about attending Square Meal’s Meetings & Events in September, it’s free to attend and there are 100s of suppliers all under one roof, so a great place to get started!

Hi Kyriacos, great question - and very timely. I started a similar discussion a few weeks ago entitled “Online venue booking with credit card vs RFPs. Which do you prefer?” You’ll find detailed answers to your questions there.


Thank you @LouisaMD and @mgentle will have a look there.

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