At-Event Tech!

What tech have you or do you use to improve your events (any size)?

We have had an app designed for one of our events in the past by Cube-i which was an interactive way of getting feedback, doing live polls and votes, providing information to delegates, having delegates submit live questions to the speakers and much more. Unfortunately this was quite costly and is now a big no no.

I’m always keen to hear what other people have or do use for their events. is an app that we’ve used extensively for polling and speaker Q&A - it’s very simple and effective.

1 Like is great! Definitely take a look at using it for audience engagement @NatashaGiller. I really like the crowdsourced upvoting system for Q&As as it means that the best questions always get asked and the audience’s time isn’t wasted by that one person who has 3 super niche questions that no one else is that interested in…

Event apps are a neat way of bundling together extra event content, q&a’s/polling and even a networking experience, but i tend to find they are a “jack of all trades, master of none” as there are tools out there that do an apps individual features much better (e.g. or a tweet wall). Would be interested to hear if anyone has used an awesome event app though?

Speaking of q & a’s i started using a thing called catchbox at a few events i helped run. It’s a microphone inside a soft cube that you can throw around the audience for q & a. It saves the need for a mic guy to awkward shuffle down an aisle to get a mic to someone, and generally breaks the ice a bit.


I’ll take a look at those, thanks.

Might be a stupid question but I’m assuming there’s something you press on the cube to enable the mic? As I can imagine the catching/dropping/rustling to be quite noisy and distracting. Great idea though, I’ve seen a few similar things, usually big foam balls that you throw into the audience :smile:

We found that more people tended to submit questions than previous events via the app as it takes away the embarrassment and shyness that some people get when there are a lot of people listening. Also it gave the speakers a bit longer to read the questions and get their head around what they might say than if they were being asked a question on the spot.

Yeah it’s got an auto-mute feature so only switches on when start talking - don’t worry! can anonymise questions, which as you say definitely encourages people to ask questions. I think it has the ability to let you moderate them too which is helpful as i’ve been at one event where a very awkward got to the top of the list!

Ah ok that makes sense, good to know!

Yeah the moderation is a must! We had numerous people submitting stuff on our event app such as ‘its very warm in here’ then after we turned the air con on slightly ‘is it just me or is it getting quite chilly in here?’ :laughing: and other unrelated comments and questions.

Oh my god don’t get started on attendees and room temperature. There should be an event app where attendees should just vote on what the room temperature should be.

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You could call the app Goldilocks…

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Haha! Sorry :no_mouth:

Great name @Marino

I’d be interested if anyone has used a good networking app? I’ve heard of a couple of tinder style ones but never used one


One of our events has participants from Scandinavia and the Middle East - we could not get a good room temperature for everyone :-o


This is the kind of stuff that I geek out on! Do you have any events in London? Would it be possible for me to leave one of my gadgets in the room during one of your events, so I can measure temperature, CO and humidity and see how that correlates to attendee satisfaction?

Unfortunately not got any imminent events in London, but this would be interesting research. Hoping someone here can help you out

We love the catchbox at our weekly staff meeting! You’re right that it does break the ice and is usually quite fun to see if the girls or guys throw /caych best!

We haven’t seen it used at many events yet though.

This sounds like something every office needs- not just events.
Would save half the office sitting shivering whilst the other half says it’s too hot! Sounds very democratic - add in the ‘Goldilocks’ app and we could all vote on the right tempetature! :joy:

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Hi Abena, your welcome to have a chat to me about doing this at one of my events as long as we can share the findings with the readers of

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Hi Adam, that would be great! Can you tell me a little more about your events? Perhaps DM me if easier…

Very delayed to the conversation so please forgive me. Currently working on a tech awards show for the end of the year and plan to use some innovative event tech throughout, would love to hear of more gadgets/apps etc that eventtribers have seen/used if anyone has any further updates!