Attending virtual event on TEOOH?

Teooh is a Virtual Events Platform, where communities can come together to collaborate, network and share knowledge inside our digital venues. You can host events ranging from panel discussions to networking gatherings or group meetings - which your community can access globally from any desktop device.

We’re just about ready to start disrupting the events industry!

Last week we had ~50 people (avatars), from all over the world, joining the same virtual room at the same time. The community’s response was amazing.

We’d love to invite you to our virtual seminar, where you will learn about TEOOH and have a chance to connect with other event/community profs. The aspiration here is to make this an educational and fun experience for all.

The event will take place on Thursday 4th July at 6pm (free of charge) and will be accessible from any windows or mac.

Contact me at if you’re interested and I’ll send you an rsvp link!

P.S. Happy to schedule a 1:1 if you’re interested in hosting an event for your community.

Trailer (early version):