Automated online certificates

Can anyone recommend an online software that automates and sends PDF certificates?

I run training events and to go paperless we send the certificates after the event rather than give out on the day. The certificate is a word document with our logo etc. on and has to be personalised to each person - we PDF this and then email out each copy to the right person - it takes ages! There has to be a more automated sensible way?

I think this could be a great solution:
There’s a good explainer vid


Just to let you know the solution we are currently using is having an automated email that goes out from eventbrite post-event where the body of the email looks like a certificate that people can print/save as they wish. This works for our audience as the majority only need it as reference when they come to do appraisals as evidence of their continuing professional development.

The only slight snag is evenbrite won’t allow us to mail merge the recipients name into the body of the email/certificate so we’ve had to do a work around which is to say 'the recipient of this email has attended…". A little shabby but we’ll see how the trial goes. It’s saving a lot of administration time.

Could you maybe do it better by sending the post-event email through MailChimp and using the integration with Eventbrite to pull in the attendee data?

Ooooo - I don’t know? We don’t use MailChimp we use a package called Campaign Monitor at our work, but I could maybe see whats possible with that?! We did try using mail merge in the body of Microsoft Outlook once but it looked a bit shabby so felt it wasn’t professional enough to use.

It’s worth taking a look at. You can do quite fancy things with MailChimp and the mail merge shouldn’t be a problem.

Finally how did you solve the problem? I´m experimenting exactly the same situation.


Hi Juan, I’m in a different role now - not on the events management side but on the content development side. But I think we still just use an eventbrite email with the certificate layout/wording in the body of the email. So no more solution to offer past that, good luck!


I believe you can check it can save a lot of time and effort.