Award ceremony - big WOW factor ideas needed

Help and ideas please! I have had a last minute request from my manager for indoor fireworks when we announce the big, final winner of the night. However, the venue do not allow the use of pyros or confetti.

Can anyone help to suggest alternatives?
Has anyone else had this predicament before, if so what did you do?

Many Thanks in advance.

Hey Michelle, interesting one. Not been in this predicament myself but have been to a few events with impressive 3d stage lighting displays for this kind of thing.

What are your AV resources like?

Here’s the sort of thing (obviously some of this is very high budget, but you can simplify it down a lot!):

Gives you an idea at least


Hey Michelle, we use streamer cannons where venues don’t allow confetti as often its the clearing up which it the reason for banning. Always gives a great effect and the guests often love playing with the streamers afterwards.


Hi there @MichelleK

Just wondered what idea you went with to provide the WOW factor?


Hello all!

When we do award ceremonies we do get asked for the WOW factor, mainly with people walking on stage and entrance openers!

3d lighting is very expensive and exciting, it’s essentially optical illusions, lighting the projection. Most of our clients don’t go for this …as follows:

The thing to look into :
Geyser smoke machines
Ask for your uplights around the room to be DMX into the light show.
Less is more, we have found that abput 12 moving lights and a bunch of effect lights have been the most WOWing set ups.
Lastly, pixel mapping, probably the best feature in lighting, each light becomes a pixel on a screen and you can project imaging each light!

If you want links for anything or more details please ask


3d lighting or 3d projection mapping is impactful but as @Bevec_Lighting mentions expensive

By wow factor, do you mean some type of act ?